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Fast, powerful and super fun to ride, the RIDEL SNUGGER will zip downtown for work, ride up and down hills or plow through the snow with you. Thick tires, front suspension and a powerful 750W watt 48V rear hub motor delivers impressive acceleration and hill climbing to glide over any terrain. Just as it is versatile, the SNUGGER boasts strength with an aluminum-alloy frame that can carry weight loads up to 300 lbs. Not to mention, this is a one-of-a kind style. The step-through design and impressive 1970s vintage detailing gives the same zest and fun of riding on a moped. With adjustable handlebars and long padded seat, you can find your most comfortable riding position. Better yet, experience double the fun with a friend. The SNUGGER seats two comfortably.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review