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Charger 2x2

Charger 2x2


All Wheel Drive electric bike. Anywhere like on a flat road

Born in Russia strong and powerful.

Purchased Charger 2x2 electric bike available for free shipping to any US, Canada and European addresses

Even more powerful and speed*

Street mode 20 - 28 mph / 750 W - Off-road mode 40 mph / 2,500 W

  • 50 - 80 miles on a single charge
  • 1,3 kWh Li-Ion battery LG
  • Front hub motor 500 W (1,000 W on peak)
  • Rear hub motor 750 W (1,500 W on peak)
  • maximum speed 40 mph
  • tires 20"x4.0", 24"x4.0" or 26"x4.0"
  • could be customized, contact us for details

Bike owner responsible personally for the violation of the speed and power limitation. Speed mode applicable for the private roads and special tracks. In other cases bike should be registered at DMV 

Every bike manufactured individually. The production time 5-7 weeks

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