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New Premium Folding electric bike. 

Folding electric bike BESV PSF1

The new BESV PSF1 maintains BESV's well-known stylish design and adds a folding feature to greatly increase convenience and functionality.
Featuring a vertically double-folding and  39 lbs (18 kg) lightweight design, the PSF1 perfectly satisfies the needs of city commutes and leisurely rides. Hop on the PSF1 and enjoy every ride!
BESV provides an optional carrying case tailored for the PSF1. Stored inside the carrying case, the PSF1 is better protected and more conveniently placed in a trunk or carried around.

  • Powered by 250W (400W on peak) Algorhythm custom-built power drive system
  • Featuring four power options, it is easily adjusted as you choose
  • Removable battery 36V 10.5Ah for up to 55 - 60 miles assistant riding
  • The BESV LCD color display offers information such as assistance mode, speed, riding range, battery and more
  • Designed with a rear suspension system for a more comfortable ride
  • Available in bronze and gray-blue
  • Waterproof case as option

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