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City Blaster

Many of you remember the unpleasant moments when the creaking of the brake pads or the rattling of your bike chain reminded you that it was time to go to the bicycle workshop to adjust them, and how much time was lost due to a flat tire, not to mention a spoiled mood.


Let us present to you the CITY BLASTER, a new city electric bike, designed by international group of engineers and electric bike enthusiasts, which practically does not require regular maintenance. The CITY BLASTER ebike combines practicality, convenience, quality and affordable price with the latest technology that reduces the need for regular maintenance. This outstanding E-Bike will be shortly launched on Indiegogo.
We now collect addressed of people interested in getting an electric bicycle during the campaign with a great discount.
We hope you can support us by sharing this information among your friends. You are also welcome to subscribe and support the CITY BLASTER directly 😊

Some of features which make it outstanding

Handlebar and Display all in one

The main realistic issue with e-bike is that they require an ever increasing number of parts to be placed on the handlebar, which looks terrible and causes complication during operation.
For simpler and more enjoyable riding experience we have integrated all electronic functions and controls with the handlebars. Through the clever use of LEDs and masking the integrated display meet the needs of many customers.

Gates Carbon Belt Drive

Free yourself from oily, rusty chains. Clean. Smooth. Strong. These are the advantages of the Gates Carbon Drive™ System. Carbon belts last longer than chains, never need grease and are nearly maintenance-free. Say goodbye to high-maintenance bike chains. Say hello to simplicity and fun.

No more flat tires

Made with the Tannus patented Aither 1.1 puncture-proof compound, this tire is good for most situations. It is a general use tire that is guaranteed for 5,000 miles* of whatever you can throw its way. It will not bend out of shape in the sun, the snow, or the sprinklers.
With the Tannus puncture proof tires, there is no limit to where you can go besides your imagination. Hit the road and take the peace of mind of a puncture proof ride.

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