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About us

EBIKES FLORIDA is your one stop online store where you can buy high quality electric bikes. We sell wide selection of the electric bikes by the famous brands like BESV, Magnum Bikes, Velec, NCM, and Delfast.

Wide selection of different styles to meet any expectations and fit to every customers. Pedal-assist electric bikes (Pedelec bicycles) an throttle bikes. High performance mountain bike with middrive motor for extreme and comfortable cruiser for riding along the beach. Compact folding ebike for RV and yacht, and high speed beast reaching 50 mph. Everything you need EBIKES FLORIDA has. Fill yourself as Super Cyclist reaching 20 mph without much effort while pedaling. 

EBIKES FLORIDA expands retail business among the East Coast and presented in Florida, Ohio, New Jersey, Virginia, New York. We don't have own brick & mortar at every location but if you need assembly or turn up of the purchased bike we can do it for you by our self or agree with our partner bike shop closer to you where you will get the professional service, turn-ups and qualified advice on choosing an electric bike or accessory. We reduce our expenses and happy to share our profit with you. The lowest prices guaranteed.

As a dealer we have to follow the dealer price policy, but our customer gets some benefits. Free delivery or free set of accessories or special discount. Because we are Florida’s based company purchasing at our online store from another state you don’t have to pay sales tax. For the customers from Florida the Florida Sales Tax could be discounted.

LIVALL Smart Helmet BH51M Neo

We believe that electric bicycles are a future. Let move toward the future together. Go electric, go green.

Shop online at EBIKES FLORIDA and receive our high level service and customer support on all electric bike purchased.

Brands we carry

 BESVVelec  NCM / Leon Cycle