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New York City Specials

New York City allows to uncover the full specter of electric bike advantages. Easy commuting among the Manhattan passing the cabs stocked in the traffic jam. Save a couple of bucks crossing the Brooklyn Bridge and reach your target without subway. A lot of separated bike paths help to cycling easy and safe.

But New York City has stronger ebike regulations and allows Class I pedal-assist only electric bikes with a top speed up to 20 mph. 

Based on our Big Apple Life expertise we select from all product lines some e-bikes fitted to the City requirements and NewYorker's behaviors.

What is the best electric bike for NYC?

  • Pedal Assist Class I - it's a law
  • Lightweight - many bike owner taking their bikes upstairs to apartments
  • Compact - as less space it fits as better
  • Reliable - you buy it to enjoy your ride not for handyman experience  

Look at our New York City Specials and choose your next electric bike. Any suggestions highly appreciated. Please contact us by email  

For sure, don't forget about safety. We have a great selection of Smart Helmets and strong bicycle locks