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Folding bikes

People often wonder if the different shaped frame and small wheels ride well, and it's safe to say that those who give them a go are always very pleasantly surprised! A well designed folding electric bike will ride much like a regular bike, and the upright ergonomic position is super comfortable. They also tend to accelerate faster and corner more quickly - ideal for the urban commute and traveling!

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Folding bikes have a place in the home of inner city apartment dwellers, travelers, nomads and commuters. In fact, anywhere that space is a consideration - and even when it's not!

Here are the TOP 5 reasons you’d benefit from a folding electric bike:

They’re easy to store

A folding bike quickly folds to fit into a car trunk, yacht, a spot near your feet on the train, under the office desk... you get the picture. A couple of quick folds, and you can pack your bike up and stow it away. Similarly, it can go into your camper or caravan easily, taking up much less space than a standard bike.

They’re easy to carry

A folded bike is much easier to carry around/up stairs than a conventional bike. You'll also be stowing it away, so no bikes leaning against walls, clogging up your corridor or taking up valuable balcony space. It's also easy to take your folding electric bike on the road, as they easily fold up and can travel with you on the car no worries!

Keep them safe inside

Folding bikes are small enough to pop under your desk at work. That saves leaving it out on the street, or in the carpark. Every bike lock has the potential to be busted at some point, but no one is going to pinch your folding bike from under your feet!

Take it on public transport

You're allowed to take a non-folding bike on some trains, but you’re barred from trams and buses. Folding bikes, however, are allowed on trains, trams and some buses. You'll also be able to get well out of the way and prevent those nasty glares and people pushing into you as they get on and off.

They’re one-size-fits-most

Folding bikes are designed to fit a very wide range of riders. The long seat post and adjustable handlebars of a folding bike can be moved up and down to accommodate the shorter and taller rider. They usually have a very low top-tube, so they’re easy for riders as short as 4’8” (143 cm), while the saddle and bars can be raised to suit a rider as tall as 6’2” (188 cm). This is great if you’re sharing a bike!

Last years became popular Fat Tire Folding electric bikes with 20" x 4.0" tires. It gifts a lot of fun and easy to spin around the beach. Nobby tires more punch resistance than regular and good for gravy roads. 

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If you’re interested in a folding electric bike, the best thing is to take a good one for a spin. You’ll be surprised at how much fun they are to ride, and how convenient they are as a daily commuter. Check them out today and make your life a whole lot easier! View Folding Bikes >>