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Fat tire bikes

Fat Tire Electric Bikes, which are a unique category within the larger ebike marketplace. Fat Tire Bikes, or Fat Bikes - are suitable for urban environments just as much as off road.

Just like conventional fat tire bikes, the distinguishing characteristic of fat tire electric bikes are their wide (fat) tires - typically 4” or more in width, typically with knobby tread. With more surface area of the tire in contact with the ground, the weight of the bike and rider (and cargo) are spread out. Conventional bikes, by contrast, have tires which range from 1” to 3” inches in width. 

With a fat tire electric bike you can travel further and to more remote places than you could on a regular bike. In an urban setting, a fat tire electric bike will smooth out the potholes and curbs, giving you a nicer ride with less wasted exertion. Wet or icy asphalt, gravel, and other urban jungle obstructions become less of a concern, and you will naturally feel more confident and free in your riding ability. 

Fat tire bikes provide improved grip and traction, even in some challenging terrains. In off-road settings a fat tire electric bike really shines. You can smoothly roll over rocks and roots without a problem.

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